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Kennel and Run / Solari Systems

Hut and runsWhat are Kennel and Run Systems?

These systems generally combine indoor and outdoor accommodation. Traditionally if pigs were not in completely outdoor systems, such kennel and run pens would have been used for keeping your farrowing and lactating sows. They might also include the Solari pen which can be adapted for complete indoor accommodation.

Key Features

The sow is given:

  • Freedom of movement at all times
  • Opportunity to withdraw from herd to farrow
  • Undisturbed nest-site (dependent on wall thickness)
  • Opportunity to nest-build
  • Opportunity to go outside
  • Separate dunging and nesting areas
  • Opportunity to withdraw from piglets (dependent on kennel entrance)

The piglets are given:

  • Separate creep area
  • Opportunity to go outside

Satisfying the staffs’ needs for a safe working environment and ability to manage animal health and welfare will be dependent on the specific kennel and run or Solari design (e.g. creep needs to be accessible without entering pen).

How to Build a Kennel and Run System:

View different options for building a Kennel and Run system.

How to Build a Solari Pen

View the floor plan for indoor Solari.

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