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SWAP Systems


The SWAP-pen is a Danish FF-pen, where the front of the creep serves as a customized swing side. The swing side and the sloping wall make it possible to restrict the sow in the first days after farrowing where the risk of crushing is greatest.

The pen was developed as part of a collaborative project between University of Copenhagen and Danish Pig Research Centre (with Jyden).

Key Features

The most important concept of the SWAP is that it “Starts With A Pen”. It affords more space than a conventional farrowing crate and recognises the sow should have the opportunity to nest-build. The swing-side is an insurance policy if litters need managed post-farrowing.

The sow is given:

  • Opportunity to nest-build (crate left open pre-farrowing)
  • Support in lying-down situations

The piglets are given:

  • Safe udder access (crate closed post-farrowing)
  • Appropriate creep environment
  • Reduced spread of infection between pens

The staff are assured:

  • Fast and safe inspection of piglets
  • Ability to cross-foster easily during lock-in period
  • Easy maintenance of good hygiene in the pens
  • Easy provision of nest building materials

How to Build a SWAP Pen

View the floor-plan for SWAP.

View SWAP videos.

For further information about the SWAP pen please contact Dr Vivi Aarestrup Moustsen, or Prof Christian Fink Hansen

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