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Alternative Systems Trials

KPIsOne of the main concerns with free farrowing systems is whether they will perform as well as conventional farrowing crate systems. In particular farmers want to know what the key performance indicators are for each system.

What are the Key Performance Indicators?

  • Total mortality (% of stillborn + number of live-born piglet deaths)
  • Live-born mortality (% of live-born piglet deaths, often termed pre-weaning mortality)
  • Stillborn (% of piglets born dead)
  • Number born alive
  • Total born
  • Total number weaned

These are the main KPIs reported from trials. Additional information that would be valuable is weaning weight, sow rebreeding efficiency and sow weight loss. However these data are rarely reported.

In an attempt to summarise the KPI information on the various existing systems we gathered as much published data as possible and we grouped the systems based on certain design criteria.

Click on the download below to see a summary table of data collected from published material.

Summary of key performance indicators of different farrowing systems.

Some of the systems operating currently (described in our Farrowing Systems pages) have released KPI information specific to that system and there are links on their individual pages for that information so please visit Farrowing Systems.

We are getting data all the time from people operating these systems so please get in touch with us or come back and visit the site for regular updates as we post that information.

SEGES trials

The Danish pig industry has set a goal that 10 % of all nursing sows must be accommodated in a loose housed system by 2021, as a part of the efforts to reach the goal SEGES Pig Research Centre (PRC) built a research centre in cooperation with a Danish pig producer.

The aim of the product test was to increase the synergy and progress in the development of sturdy and competitive farrowing pens for loose sows. Furthermore, the research centre aims to help pig farmers decide on a farrowing pen for loose sows.

Ten different types of farrowing pens have been tested by employees from SEGES Pig Research Centre. The evaluation was published on the SEGES website and can be downloaded here


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