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Nest-Building Research

nest_buildingOne of the most critical welfare issues for the farrowing sow confined in a conventional farrowing crate is her inability to perform satisfactory nest-building behaviours. Regardless of her farrowing environment the sow will attempt to perform nest-building behaviours approximately 16-24h before she is due to give birth. To see an illustrative video of these behaviours being performed in different farrowing environments please visit Why is Nest-Building Behaviour So Important?.

There has been a great deal of research dedicated to nest-building behaviour and how it affects maternal hormones and maternal behaviour and what materials satisfy this highly motivated and genetically programmed behaviour.

Research Questions

Typical research questions that have been investigated are:

  • What is nest-building behaviour?
  • How does it influence maternal behaviour?
  • What substrates can satisfy nest-building behaviour?

Research Answers

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