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Group Systems

Group Systems

These systems allow sows and litters to mix before weaning. Under natural conditions sows would leave their nest sites and rejoin the herd approximately 7-14 days after farrowing. Piglets would then integrate with other litters before they are weaned. Group systems are regarded as being low-cost systems compared to individual pens which require more "pen furniture", contributing to additional costs.

Deep Litter Group System

Multi-suckle accommodation based on the traditional Swedish deep litter systems.

Group Lactation System

Group lactation system
Group lactation system developed by Wageningen UR and intended for commercial adoption.

Two-stage Group System

Two stage group system
The system uses designed individual pens (e.g. PigSAFE) for farrowing and then sows and litters are grouped from 10d for the remainder of lactation.