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SucklingFreefarrowing.org is an information resource for pig farmers, veterinarians and other interested parties who want to know more about any aspect of free farrowing and lactation systems.

Learn about the different options available for keeping sows loose during farrowing and lactation, the design details for building these systems and any research conducted on them.

We also describe partial crating options and highlight what you need to know in terms of welfare legislation, regulations and different assurance schemes.

Why Free Farrowing?

Sow nesting

Provides the background information to why free farrowing is important.

Farrowing Systems

Farrowing Systems

Information on different pen designs including individual pens, group and outdoor systems and temporary crating options.

Farrowing Research


Latest on research in welfare, system performance, piglet survival and more.

Know the Rules

Know the rules

Find out what you need to know on legislation and regulations for farrowing and lactation systems and requirements for Assurance Schemes.

Farmer Resources

Farmer resources

Latest information on free farrowing economics, grant opportunities, SOPs on management in free farrowing systems and more.

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