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Building PigSAFE

Dimension diagrams and descriptions

PigSAFE Dimensions (JPG)

Size: 48.99 KB

PigSAFE Dimensions (no feeder) (JPG)

Size: 28.05 KB

PigSAFE How to Build Summary (PDF)

Size: 1.14 MB

PigSAFE Project Final Report (PDF)

Size: 664.42 KB


Systems for widgets

For Individual Pens (JPG)

Size: 52.71 KB

For Group Systems (JPG)

Size: 47.04 KB

For Kennel and Run (JPG)

Size: 32.9 KB

For Outdoor (JPG)

Size: 43.15 KB

For Temporary Crating (JPG)

Size: 34.54 KB

Sloped Wall Dimensions

Sloped Wall Dimensions (PDF)

Size: 259.16 KB

SEGES showroom

SEGES showroom download (PDF)

Size: 1.31 MB