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Farrowing Systems

Welcome to Free Farrowing Systems

There are many different free-farrowing options. Some are well researched and offer detail about pen specifications, performance, research and links for further information. Click on the icons below to learn more about the different options.

Individual Farrowing Pens

Individual pen

These include PigSAFE, Danish Free Farrower, Norweigian UMB pen, FAT and simple pens.

Temporary Crating


These include systems where there are options to temporarily crate the sow, such as the 360° Farrower, the SWAP and other swing-side crates.

Group Systems


These include multi-suckle options where the sows and litters can be group housed.

Outdoor Systems


The sow and litter farrow in outdoor huts or arks within an outdoor farrowing paddock.

Kennel and Run Systems

Hut and Run

These include options with indoor huts or pens that have outdoor access to a run and include indoor Solari systems.

Specific Pen Features

Sloped wall

Looking for specific pen features? Find information on piglet protection and more...

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